Navien High Efficiency Condensing Boilers and Combi-Boilers

Navien High Efficiency Condensing Boilers and Combi-Boilers

If you ever made your way through a frigid blizzard into the comfort of a warm home, you owe a debt of gratitude to a boiler.

An efficient and powerful boiler is a crucial component for central heating systems and more. That’s why McCarver Mechanical Heating & Cooling recommends Navien High Efficiency Condensing Boilers for residential and commercial applications.

For customers looking to heat both rooms and water, we also recommend Navien High Efficiency Condensing Combi-Boilers.

How Does A Boiler Work?

Boilers help make the steps between turning the heater on and enjoying comforting warmth seem easy. But there’s a lot of work going on.

  1. The user turns on the heater, opening a valve in the boiler through which gas enters a combustion chamber.
  2. An electric ignition system ignites the gas entering the combustion chamber.
  3. The resulting flame warms cold water that’s in a pipe connected to the heat exchanger.
  4. An electric pump moves the heated water through piping that wends its way around a house or office space.
  5. As the heated water flows in the piping, it moves through radiators in various rooms and gives off heat that warms the space.

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Why Choose a Navien High Efficiency Condensing Boiler?

Navien boilers feature an advanced burner system that makes them more energy efficient than old fashioned boiler systems — as evidenced by their Energy Star certification. In addition, Navien High Efficiency Condensing Boilers:

  • Carry the industry’s top warranty: 15 years limited on heat exchangers.
  • Require roughly 80% less space than traditional floor-standing boilers — and last longer.
  • Feature user-friendly control panels and an elegant, clean appearance.

Navien High Efficiency Condensing Boilers are also ideal for new construction, too.

Why Choose a Navien High Efficiency Condensing Combi-Boiler?

For even greater efficiency and control, consider heating both your space and water with a Navien High Efficiency Condensing Combi-Boiler.

Though relatively compact, these units are powerful enough to supply heat and hot water for large homes. How much heat and hot water? Enough to simultaneously heat the entire house PLUS provide hot water for up to three showers and a dishwasher running at the same time.

Additionally, Navien High Efficiency Condensing Combi-Boilers:

  • Feature a stainless steel heat exchanger design that resists corrosion better than copper
  • Boast one of the highest flow rates for any combi-boiler in the industry
  • Offer an optional Wi-Fi control system that allows you to control them from anywhere in the world
  • Run with very low noise levels
  • Offer modern space-saving design
  • Are cleared for installations in high-altitude settings of up to 10,100 ft.

They also include industry-leading residential and commercial warranties for better peace of mind.

Navien High Efficiency Condensing Combi-Boilers work for a variety of applications:

  • Domestic hot water (showers and faucets)
  • Radiant floor heating
  • Radiators

The combi-boilers are ideal for both existing structures. They're also great for new installations in single- and multi-family homes and light commercial buildings.

McCarver Mechanical Heating & Cooling Has You Covered

Maybe you have a single-family residence in need of heated space. Or perhaps an office space with multiple suites that each need hot water. For those or just about any other possible application, look to Navien High Efficiency Condensing Boilers and Combi-Boilers.

And for guaranteed top-quality installation and outstanding customer experience, look to McCarver Mechanical Heating & Cooling.