SpacePak High Velocity Systems

It’s one of the most expensive home repairs facing homeowners. But replacing or upgrading your home’s HVAC system shouldn’t require emptying your savings account or ensuring stress-filled, sleepless nights.

And with SpacePak High Velocity Systems, it doesn't.

What Is a
SpacePak High Velocity System?

A SpacePak High Velocity System provides effective and efficient central heating and AC using two-inch flexible ductwork that easily fits inside your walls and floors. The heart of the system is an air handling unit that can fit in your attic,  basement, crawl space, or even a closet.

This approach minimizes traditional HVAC expenses as well as visually unappealing ductwork.

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What Sets SpacePak Apart?

Its industrial design makes the SpacePak High Velocity System compact yet powerful enough to work with existing HVAC systems. This means retrofitting your current system to accommodate the SpacePak approach may end up:

  • Preserving the architectural integrity of your home
  • Alleviating the need for unsightly home modifications
  • Saving you money compared to more traditional HVAC systems

Why Choose SpacePak?

Aside from the obvious benefits mentioned above, there isn’t one reason to choose a SpacePak High Velocity System. There are FIVE more reasons:

  1. Energy-saving temperature zoning capabilities
  2. Vents in a variety of styles to match up well with any décor
  3. Virtually no detectable sound, thanks to the use of sound attenuators
  4. Removal of more than 30% additional humidity for improved comfort and better energy efficiency
  5. Premium air circulation and draft-free comfort with no hot or cold spots

Why Rely on McCarver Mechanical Heating and Cooling for Your SpacePak System?

Thanks to our hard-earned industry expertise, McCarver Mechanical Heating and Cooling’s team can assess the vast array of older systems installed in homes everywhere. From there, we determine which elements are easy to modify or update.

It’s often the case that new furnaces, thermostats, and air conditioners can be integrated into older systems. The result is an HVAC system that performs nearly as efficiently as brand new systems ... at a fraction of the price.

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